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Play Video about Featured Guitar Solo for Melbourne rapper Obsezd

Featured Guitar Solo for Melbourne rapper Obsezd

Zak Shepherd playing in his band in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

Zak playing with his blues Trio featuring local Melbourne blues artist Jarrod Shaw.

Zak’s pint glass slide guitar party trick 😂

Guitar solo from Cadillac City jam night in Melbourne, Australia.

zak shepherd guitar lessons melbourne

With over 15 years of performance experience playing guitar and singing on stage, Zak has so far amassed a cross-continent music  career, performing throughout Australia, South East Asia & Europe.

Zak has played with members of Australia’s rock royalty, including Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Paul Mason (Jessica Mauboy), and he has toured with Irish rock band Fangclub, who have supporting  notable bands such The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse & Metallica.

Following years of playing, composing and recording, Zak’s teaching methods consist of keeping students engaged, finding out what sparked their curiosity for the instrument, and to guide  their unique journey towards their specific guitar goals.

Zak teaches both acoustic and electric guitar, ranging in genres and techniques from finger-style acoustic guitar, Pop, Jazz to Rock. He provides foundational music theory while keeping it fun,  and emphasises playing technique and improvisation.

Zak can also teach in-depth scales, chords, modes in addition to  assisting with song writing and composition.

If you wish to learn alongside the Australian Music Examinations  Board (AMEB) syllabus, this service can be provided also.

Zakk holds a current WWCC.

Give Zakk a call (0455 365 655) or email at

[email protected] to discuss your goals, and how he can  help you to achieve them!

在演奏吉他和舞台演唱⽅⾯拥有超过15年的表演经验,Zak还建⽴了 国际⾳乐事业,在澳⼤利亚、东南亚和欧洲各地进⾏表演。

Zak曾与澳⼤利亚摇滚乐界的重要成员合作,包括丹尼尔·约翰斯(Silverchair的成员)和保罗·梅森(Jessica Mauboy的成员),他还与爱尔兰摇滚乐队Fangclub⼀起巡演过,该乐队曾为诸如The Smashing Pumpkins、Muse和Metallica等知名乐队提供过⽀持。

经过多年的演奏、创作和录⾳,Zak的教学⽅法包括保持学⽣的投⼊,了解他们兴趣的点,帮助他们在独特的学习之旅中,朝着实现特 定吉他⽬标的⽅向努⼒。

Zak教授吉他课程涵盖了⽊吉他和电吉他,不同的⾳乐流派和技巧,包括指弹⽊吉他、流⾏、爵⼠和摇滚。他提供基础⾳乐理论,并强调 演奏技巧和即兴创作,同时确保课程充满乐趣。


如果您想按照澳⼤利亚⾳乐考试委员会(AMEB)的教学⼤纲进⾏学 习,我们也可以提供这项服务。

Zak持有有效的WWCC(⼯作With Children Check)证书。

请致电0455 365 655或发送电⼦邮件⾄[email protected], 与Zak讨论您的学习⽬标!

请注意,Zak 不会说普通话。